Client satisfaction is our
true reward


“We thought a cash wall was looming right around the corner but with Gerry’s help, we quickly put a plan in place that got us through the problem with relative ease. And after that, he helped put us on a path that led to a sale that vastly exceeded our expectations.” – Jason E., 3rd generation specialty printer

“Gerry Sherman saved my business and my life.” – Alan C., CEO of outerwear design and marketing company

“I told Gerry that his strategy for refinancing my company was far too complicated to succeed because it required three lenders: my lead bank, a second bank to provide a Small Business Administration guaranteed loan; and a mezzanine tranche from a venture debt fund. He got it done and made it look easy.” – Ray R., COO of a high-tech research and manufacturing company

“Gerry’s foresight, along with the ability to work his way through complex business issues, has really helped accelerate our progress.” – Chris S., Founder and CEO of a third-party distribution company

“I came to trust Gerry very quickly and that really helped me make some tough decisions.” – Ed S., Founder and CEO of a specialty construction company