We Craft Our Services
To Your Needs

Our Service Approach 

Pathway views its engagements as a collaborative effort where our advisors work together as a team with company ownership and senior management. Experience has shown us time and again that the combination of our expertise – along with our client’s company and industry specific knowledge – always produce the best results.​

How We Get Started

Most often, we can talk with you on one or several occasions and determine what results need to be accomplished, and the best approaches for getting the job done. 

Sometimes though, neither the client or a Pathway professional knows exactly what their core issues are and what the best solutions may be. If that’s the case, an initial assessment is usually the best first step. They’re always done on a fixed-fee basis and are usually completed within several days to three weeks. Our assessment reports, which are purposely very brief, are designed to provide both an understanding of a client’s threshold challenges and the steps called for to effectively address them. At that point, together we can craft the specifics of an engagement that works from both a service and cost standpoint.


Developing Financial Answers

Turnaround Management

Sometimes, a company needs immediate solutions: Working capital has been depleted; bank and trade creditors are applying severe pressure; and losses are accumulating. Our professionals have substantial experience jumping into a crisis, providing critical leadership; and driving timely decision-making. And we take a 360-degree approach. Expenses may have to be cut quickly but in the long run we’re more focused on addressing the underlying business and operational issues that led to the crisis.

Debt Financings

There are three keys to a successful financing effort: 1) Determining what your need is; 2) Understanding how to develop a loan request that’s financeable; and 3) Knowing which financing sources are right for your situation. Pathway has completed over 100 successful financings and has the deep personal relationships to get the right loan completed at the right time. Our areas of particular expertise include:

  • Bank and non-bank lines of credit
  • Term loans to enhance working capital and acquire both real estate and equipment
  • Federal and state government resources
  • “Private lenders”
  • Factoring

Building Organizational Effectiveness and Sustainable Profitability

The foundation for sustainable profitability and long-term growth is organizational effectiveness. We work with you to imbed the essential building blocks needed to meet and exceed your business goals including:

  • Developing actionable financial and operational plans
  • Creating initiatives for new products and services
  • Growing the individual competencies of your team
  • Delivering organizational efficiencies through the use of well-defined authority structures; robust job descriptions; focused performance review programs; cutting edge systems; and productive processes and procedures
  • Assuring a culture that supports company goals and objectives
  • Adapting to change proactively

Situational Planning and Implementation

Pathway works with clients that could be experiencing significant, near term financial hurdles or may be clearly focused on capturing their company’s full potential. In both cases, we help develop a detailed and actionable plan to address the issues at hand – and our experience is deep across a broad spectrum of needs from financial and organizational restructurings to performance improvement.